November 19, 2012

Table Day

{a little table heads for Queens}

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us, eh? Last time I checked it was three weeks away and I had plenty of time to finish up a few dining room tables before the big feast -- a crucial time-period for the table in general, this Thanksgiving thing. It's a time when the word Table is just as much in the vocabulary as Pie. Well, almost. We are gathering, drinking, cooking and looking forward to sitting on couches for extended periods of time, creating our various dishes of deliciousness and making sure we wear pants with a little extra room. But before we eat, the table gets some serious attention. It gets loved and decorated and fussed over, and every table I've ever met has told me it's their favorite time of year!

So here's a little guy that's headed to Queens to enjoy his new life, just in time for his biggest holiday. And I'm really looking forward to taking a short break and migrating to Maine for some much needed rest, food, and nature. Let's all eat our hearts out, shall we?

Hope you have a lovely Table Day!

November 5, 2012

wall panel giveaway: WINNER!

Seriously people? Does this mean I have to build over three-hundred of these things because you all want one? Must I dedicate the next two years of my life to constructing little squares of patterned wood and graciously donating them to each of you to fully show my appreciation for your collective enthusiasm? Is that what you want of me? Huh? HUH?

But seriously. You all are just lovely and I'm deeply grateful and a little surprised at the level of excitement shown for this piece and the ones to come. I would happily give one to all of you, if only. I could go on about my general feelings of gratitude, but I won't, as I'm fully aware that all you want to know is.... who won?

{How I selected: I wrote down numbers on little folded pieces of paper, mixed them all up and randomly drew a number. Then I counted down the comments starting at the top, and voila. We have a WINNER!}

Congratulations to Emma Kruch Morris!  You were commenter number fifteen and this wall panel is yours! Send me an email with your mailing address and I will have it flying through the post in no time.

And thank you to everybody. This was seriously fun and I will totally be doing another giveaway sometime in the future. Other wall panels available for sale will be announced on the blog sometime soon. And to all those who were in the path of the hurricane here, I hope your families and friends are safe and you are getting the help you need if you were affected. There are some great links towards the end of this lovely post if you want to donate or volunteer, or perhaps you just want to bake the marvelous quince cake recipe and give it to someone who's lost their functioning oven.

Oh, and this wall panel has been Shop Cat approved.