January 27, 2012

put your coffee on this

Two new coffee tables I built.

And the second one!

January 25, 2012

a tool of the trade

I'm super excited, because I finally bought myself a little present.

Perhaps I am alone in this, but it's like when your kitchen sponge is definitely past it's prime and it still takes you two weeks to replace it. Well, that's what I was dealing with here. I'd had this misbehaving, horrid, forty dollar jig saw for an embarrassing few too many years. It screamed and spat splinters and yanked me around like I was using a jackhammer instead of the itty-bitty, hand-held piece of junk it really was. Yes, it put a little bit of hate in my heart every time I touched it. Why did I let this go on? Why!

But now I've finally got my smooth sailing, quiet, cooperative new jig saw, and cutting these is enjoyable! {p.s. look at the subtle pattern in the sanded bark of this ash wood. Isn't it incredible?}

January 24, 2012

just before the rain

A few more cheeseboards are finally up in the shop, made on the roof in between pockets of rain. I've been doing an unusual amount of thinking about summer recently, it just slips into my head every time I must slip into my jacket and boots. Won't it be so nice to not have to wear such things, one day soon!

January 21, 2012

the dusty shop

Scenes from the studio.

Happy snow day to all you new yorkers! It's a good day for sliding around on sidewalks, or staying in and not doing much of anything.

January 17, 2012

it's only winter on the outside

While it tries to splatter icy rain outside, I've successfully fooled my plants in here to believing it's spring.

The pink bud above is from a tulip tree branch that had broken off. I stuck it in water a couple weeks ago with low expectations, but boom! Springtime!

January 16, 2012

mountainous burned

This one needs more sanding, but it's almost there. I just can't bare to go up on the roof in this twenty degree weather, understandably I'm sure, but I'm highly hesitant to sand so much inside -- there's a thin reddish layer of dust already covering everything in here!

January 15, 2012

some open air

{A mini New Jersey road trip, with brief touchdown in Pennsylvania, and Amelie and I reliving our past and doing what we, together, do best}.

If you've been following me for long, you'll know that Amelie and I have a tendency to rummage around in abandoned stuff. Like we did here, here, herehere, and here. So if this was your beautifully neglected barn, you are a lucky duck. We had to refrain from whipping out our crowbars stashed in the back seat and swiftly dismantling the entire thing, but we held back. Barely. I can't help but thinking that our barn-wood addiction is at a healthy level of "we want it so bad, but not enough to totally take a whole building home with us". We just admire the heck out of it, wish it was ours, snap a few pics, and continue on down the road -- not stopping, of course, until we come across another gorgeous, hopefully abandoned, possibly-ghost-filled-or-serial-killer-ridden place that... totally gives us the creeps. Fun!

January 12, 2012

wood burned

I woke up this morning with black triangles on my mind.